Few topics are more crucial to world peace than Nuclear Safety, Security, and Nonproliferation.

No language company has more experience in this subject matter than RussTech Language Services.

Our clientele includes multinational corporations and government agencies. First and foremost,  we have long term continuing contracts with several US Department of Energy national laboratories: Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, and Oak Ridge. Areas of special translation and interpreting expertise include:

  • Nuclear security and nonproliferation
  • Nuclear safety and radiation protection
  • Physical protection and second line of defense technologies
  • Spent nuclear fuel dry cask storage
  • Operating manuals and software for calorimeters, mass spectrometers, and other high tech equipment
  • Environmental impact statements
  • Reactor hydraulics and safety analyses
  • Reactor operator training and operational safety
  • Regulatory development for nuclear safety and radiation protection at civilian and military installations



Our Experience

  • Spent Fuel Storage

    RussTech’s very first contract, signed in 1994 with Duke Engineering & Services, supported the design and construction of a dry storage facility for spent nuclear fuel at the Zaporozhe (Ukraine) nuclear power plant. This experience led us to participation in a project, which was completed in 2010 after seven years, to develop dry casks, special railroad cars, a train-to-truck transfer station, and a storage facility for the huge amount of weapons grade material that needed to be shipped 3,500 kilometers from the BN-350 fast reactor at Actau in Kazakhstan. 

  • Nuclear Nonproliferation

    RussTech has been at the forefront of U.S. government non-proliferation activities for twenty years, beginning in 1995 when we signed our first long term contract with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland WA, which was followed shortly thereafter by contracts at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in Livermore CA, and other Department of Energy research facilities. 

    Much of this work has been performed within the Global Threat Reduction Initiative. 

  • Reactor Operator Training

    Our predecessor organization had worked with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Institute of Nuclear Power Operators, and several U.S. power plants following the Chernobyl explosion as teams of industry and government experts provided training to operators at Soviet-designed reactors throughout Eastern Europe on symptom-based emergency operating procedures. Among the programs RussTech supported during the 1990s and early 2000s were the International Nuclear Safety Program and implementation of the Bratislava Accords.

  • Computer Software Development

    Over a five-year period, from 1996 to 2001, RussTech provided translation and interpreting support to a program headed by LLNL to develop a state-of-the-art computerized system, the Federal Information System, to enable Russia to keep track of its civilian nuclear material.

  • Regulatory Development

    For over a decade RussTech has supported the development of regulations for the Russian Federation Ministries of Nuclear Power, Transportation, and Defense regarding the safe storage and shipment of nuclear materials. These projects expanded into multiple countries, including Ukraine.

  • Protecting Radioactive Materials

    RussTech has been a leader in the programs run by the U.S. government to secure and protect radioactive materials around the world. Initially focused on Russia, this work has since expanded around the globe, and RussTech has provided language services to the Department of Energy in more than thirty languages. 

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