Dec 12, 2013

What Your Office Is Missing

written by Tori

What is your office like? You probably deal with people dull, tired, and bored stiff from staring at computers; sick of the daily grind. Well, not in this office. This office has something extraordinary that most offices don’t. “What is it?” you may ask. I’ll give you a hint: He has 4 legs, big paws, and a tail that wags so hard his entire body rocks side-to-side when he sees you. That’s right, he’s a dog, and his name is Nugget.

Nugget joined our team when one of my coworkers decided it was time for a puppy. She was apprehensive to bring him into the office at first, but soon realized that everyone adored his company. When he goes to each room during the day we all hear his grand entrance by his tail thumping on everything he passes by. I hear giggles and see the smiles throughout the room and I know there has to be something about dogs that makes people happy. So I do a little research and discover that petting dogs actually releases oxytocin in your body, which is what makes you happy. Just having a dog around decreases your blood pressure as well as cortisol (what causes stress and anxiety).  Dogs have been used in hospitals and for therapy for years because recovery can be done at a faster rate with higher amounts of oxytocin in your system. Scientists are just starting to discover the direct effect that dogs have on our moods and health.

These health benefits, as well as others, can be well utilized in the office. Bringing a dog encourages you to take breaks from looking at the computer screen and to go outside and walk for a little while, which helps with bodily health and keeping your mind fresh. It will also make the people around you smile to boost their oxytocin levels and that makes for an amazing work environment.

In fact, when Nugget isn’t here, everyone asks my coworker where he is for the day and the atmosphere shifts a little bit. He has a purpose here and his absence is slightly depressing. So next time you think about leaving your dog at home, you should see how he does at the office. He will love the attention (and everyone slipping him food under their desks), and your coworkers will also appreciate having him there!

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