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  • Translation Sep 04, 2012

    Computer Assisted Translation – The Right Tool for the Job?

    As we argued elsewhere, the latest statistical machine translators, like Google Translate, reach their limits quickly unless you already know both languages.

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  • Translation Aug 28, 2012

    Russian and German: Which Is Easier?

    It was interesting for me in college to hear other native English speakers with knowledge of both Russian and German compare the two foreign languages in terms of difficulty.

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  • Translation Aug 22, 2012

    High German vs Bavarian German

    One of my fondest memories from childhood is a 1980's German TV series called Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl, a show about a Bavarian master carpenter and a kobold... 

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  • Translation Aug 09, 2012

    Uncleftish Beholding: What We Have Left After Linguistic Purism Takes Hold

    In my last blog, I talked about how English has far more borrowed words than native ones in its vocabulary. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in a remarkable piece I came...

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  • Translation Jun 26, 2012

    Statistical Machine Translation: Wave of the Future, Flop of the Century, or Something In Between?

    As many of you will know, the newest wave of machine translation tools is based on a different principle than the old computer translators that returned some notoriously bad results.

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  • Translation Jun 21, 2012

    German Spelling Now – Argh!

    To this day, I refuse to accept the German spelling reform of 1996 that went into effect in 2006. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with the orthography from my childhood...

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  • Translation Jun 14, 2012

    Russian Translation of the Term “Disability” in Educational Context

    We recently translated a document in special education that contained a number of terms based on the word disability.

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  • Translation Jun 12, 2012

    Linguistic Purism: A Backlash Against Excessive Borrowing and the Rising Lexical Debt

    When translating Russian technical documents, I always surprised how many terms seem to be English cognates or borrowings, for example, tekhnichesky ethnical,plutony lutonium,...

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  • Interpretation Translation May 31, 2012


    A Supreme Court ruling issued this week in a fairly obscure case may have important implications for international business, as well as for domestic disputes involving persons...

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