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  • Translation Nov 03, 2014

    RussTech Awarded a New Contract by the Wisconsin Department of Children & Families

    RussTech is pleased to announce that the State of Wisconsin Department of Children and Families has awarded our company a new contract to provide translation services. 

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  • Translation Feb 19, 2014

    Translation in the Dumps

    There is no doubt that a lot of time, effort, and money was spent on preparing Sochi and the world for this year Winter Olympics. 

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  • Translation Oct 21, 2013

    Translation Nuts and Bolts: Why You Knead an Editer

    Even the best of translators makes mistakes, especially when under time pressure or working with unfamiliar subject matter. 

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  • Translation Jul 18, 2013

    Germans, the Handy People

    It astounding how much English vocabulary has been making its way into the German language, especially in the fields of marketing, business, and technology.

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  • Translation Jul 15, 2013

    To Use or Not to Use (Letter _)

    Several years ago I was listening to a radio interview with a Russian writer. And somehow the conversation touched upon the use of a letter in Russian written texts. 

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  • Translation Feb 21, 2013

    Translation Nuts and Bolts: The Connected Translator

    It seems safe to say that most people who are not translators have some pretty vague ideas about the profession. At one end of a spectrum of cultural stereotypes is the notion of the...

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  • Translation Nov 06, 2012

    The Perilous Business of Translation

    The task of the translator, like that of the referee in a soccer game, is a thankless one. When you have done your job really well, people are not supposed to notice you at all. 

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  • Interpretation Translation Sep 25, 2012

    The Need for Language Services

    When trying to do business in a foreign country it is critical that correspondence, draft contracts, and all technical materials be submitted to your counterparts in two languages - English so you can be as clear and persuasive as possible; and their first language so there is no doubt they fully understand your proposal.

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  • Translation Sep 11, 2012

    European Languages

    It is amazing how knowing even one mainland European language can help a native English speaker learn others. As exemplified below, it was useful for me to know German... 

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