May 18, 2015

The Tesla Powerwall – Hype or Holy Grail

written by RussTech

RussTech Language Services, Inc. - a leading supplier of translation and interpreting services to the energy industry - is pleased to post the following link to a recently released Congressional Research Service “Insights” report about the Tesla Powerwall. The title of the report is:

Tesla's Home Battery—An Electricity Storage Breakthrough.

As a rule, CRS research reports are not widely disseminated, but the Federation of Atomic Scientists posted this document, which was written by Richard J. Campbell, an energy policy specialist, and Paul W. Parfomak, a specialist in energy and infrastructure policy issues, on its website.

The Powerwall is a scalable version of the lithium-ion batteries developed by Tesla Energy. Promoted as a storage battery for a “sustainable home,” the Powerwall is charged off-grid from solar panels or when utility company rates are low.

The “Insights” report highlights the economies of off-grid electricity storage as well as the lobbying and regulatory challenges that Tesla will face as it seeks to bring this disruptive technology to market. In a best case scenario, the Powerwall could provide a new impetus for homeowners to install solar systems.

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