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  • Translation Jun 26, 2012

    Statistical Machine Translation: Wave of the Future, Flop of the Century, or Something In Between?

    As many of you will know, the newest wave of machine translation tools is based on a different principle than the old computer translators that returned some notoriously bad results.

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  • Translation Jun 21, 2012

    German Spelling Now – Argh!

    To this day, I refuse to accept the German spelling reform of 1996 that went into effect in 2006. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with the orthography from my childhood...

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  • Energy Jun 19, 2012

    Wind Energy in Crimea

    I became interested in the development of wind power in Crimea for a number of reasons. I was born and raised in Feodosiya on the Eastern tip of the Crimean Peninsula, so I am...

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  • Translation Jun 14, 2012

    Russian Translation of the Term “Disability” in Educational Context

    We recently translated a document in special education that contained a number of terms based on the word disability.

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  • Translation Jun 12, 2012

    Linguistic Purism: A Backlash Against Excessive Borrowing and the Rising Lexical Debt

    When translating Russian technical documents, I always surprised how many terms seem to be English cognates or borrowings, for example, tekhnichesky ethnical,plutony lutonium,...

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  • Interpretation Miscellaneous Jun 06, 2012

    One Spanish Speaker Said to the Other - I Have No Clue What You’re Saying

    I grew up in Miami where the population is nearly 70% Hispanic and there is at least one family living there who was at one time a citizen from every Latin American country in existence.

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  • Interpretation Translation May 31, 2012


    A Supreme Court ruling issued this week in a fairly obscure case may have important implications for international business, as well as for domestic disputes involving persons...

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  • Translation May 22, 2012

    Too Much Grammar!

    If only my Russian were as good as my German and English! Unfortunately, to become fluent in a language, you need to use it regularly in all forms of communication, whereas I have... 

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  • Miscellaneous May 17, 2012

    Chunge Happens!

    No, that not a misprint. If you ask our 15-year-old grandson Jacob, chunge does happen in language all the time.

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