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  • Translation Aug 22, 2012

    High German vs Bavarian German

    One of my fondest memories from childhood is a 1980's German TV series called Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl, a show about a Bavarian master carpenter and a kobold... 

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  • Interpretation Aug 16, 2012

    The Joys of Telephone Interpreting

    I have recently served as the interpreter for a number of phone conversations and teleconferences. This is convenient for clients for several reasons. 

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  • Translation Aug 09, 2012

    Uncleftish Beholding: What We Have Left After Linguistic Purism Takes Hold

    In my last blog, I talked about how English has far more borrowed words than native ones in its vocabulary. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in a remarkable piece I came...

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  • Miscellaneous Aug 02, 2012

    Nuclear Is Not As Damaging To The Environment As Hydro, Coal, or Fracking

    On 21 July 2012 the Renewable Energy World website carried a blog entry entitled "What the Wonderful Wizard of Oz Can Teach Solar" written by Paula Mints...

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  • Miscellaneous Jul 27, 2012

    Revolution, Global Science, Espionage, and Cooperation: Russian-Western Nuclear Interaction

    The last part focused on the political problem faced by the US and the USSR in trying to reduce the numbers of nuclear weapons while at the same time ensuring that the... 

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  • Jul 24, 2012

    Revolution, Global Science, Espionage, and Cooperation: Russian-Western Nuclear Interactions

    As we saw last time (Part 1), the nuclear cat was out of the bag in the 1950s and 1960s, with the number of nuclear weapons states growing (China became the fifth in 1966) and the size... 

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  • Miscellaneous Jul 20, 2012

    Revolution, Global Science, Espionage, and Cooperation: A Brief History of Russian-Western Interacti

    A thorough treatment of this topic would, of course, take up a weighty tome. This multi-part article is intended to present a few key stages in the process by which we in the West got... 

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  • Energy Jul 12, 2012

    Rosatom Seeks To Certify Its VVER (PWR) Nuclear Plant Design in the US and UK

    A news item posted to the Nuclear Street website indicates that Rosatom, the Russian Federation agency in charge of all nuclear power production... 

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  • Miscellaneous Jun 28, 2012

    Spelling Reform in English

    Comments to a recent blog post noted that English is in dire need of spelling reform. There are many popular illustrations of why it is so badly needed, such as the argument that... 

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