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  • Interpretation Feb 14, 2013

    A Hot Potato

    Years ago a politician got into hot water for spelling otatoas otatoe.The source of his confusion would have been obvious at the time, but perhaps not so obvious now. 

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  • Miscellaneous Feb 12, 2013

    Visiting a Foreign Country

    I first left my home country in 1990. My home country is Ukraine, then the Soviet Union. I was 24, worked in the college from which I graduated 2 years before, and I've never... 

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  • Translation Nov 06, 2012

    The Perilous Business of Translation

    The task of the translator, like that of the referee in a soccer game, is a thankless one. When you have done your job really well, people are not supposed to notice you at all. 

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  • Miscellaneous Oct 02, 2012

    Grammar Nazis, Hopeful Bears, and What One Has To Do with the Other

    Modern day linguistic theory assumes that the capacity for language is something already hard-wired into the human brain. Grammar is a set of unconscious rules that describes a particular language. 

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  • Interpretation Translation Sep 25, 2012

    The Need for Language Services

    When trying to do business in a foreign country it is critical that correspondence, draft contracts, and all technical materials be submitted to your counterparts in two languages - English so you can be as clear and persuasive as possible; and their first language so there is no doubt they fully understand your proposal.

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  • Miscellaneous Sep 18, 2012

    What to Expect From a Train Ride In Ukraine?

    I traveled by train a lot when I was a student. I grew up in Ukraine where almost everyone traveled by train in old days, that is, when I was a student.  

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  • Translation Sep 11, 2012

    European Languages

    It is amazing how knowing even one mainland European language can help a native English speaker learn others. As exemplified below, it was useful for me to know German... 

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  • Translation Sep 04, 2012

    Computer Assisted Translation – The Right Tool for the Job?

    As we argued elsewhere, the latest statistical machine translators, like Google Translate, reach their limits quickly unless you already know both languages.

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  • Translation Aug 28, 2012

    Russian and German: Which Is Easier?

    It was interesting for me in college to hear other native English speakers with knowledge of both Russian and German compare the two foreign languages in terms of difficulty.

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