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  • Miscellaneous Feb 12, 2013

    Visiting a Foreign Country

    I first left my home country in 1990. My home country is Ukraine, then the Soviet Union. I was 24, worked in the college from which I graduated 2 years before, and I've never... 

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  • Miscellaneous Oct 02, 2012

    Grammar Nazis, Hopeful Bears, and What One Has To Do with the Other

    Modern day linguistic theory assumes that the capacity for language is something already hard-wired into the human brain. Grammar is a set of unconscious rules that describes a particular language. 

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  • Miscellaneous Sep 18, 2012

    What to Expect From a Train Ride In Ukraine?

    I traveled by train a lot when I was a student. I grew up in Ukraine where almost everyone traveled by train in old days, that is, when I was a student.  

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  • Miscellaneous Aug 02, 2012

    Nuclear Is Not As Damaging To The Environment As Hydro, Coal, or Fracking

    On 21 July 2012 the Renewable Energy World website carried a blog entry entitled "What the Wonderful Wizard of Oz Can Teach Solar" written by Paula Mints...

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  • Miscellaneous Jul 27, 2012

    Revolution, Global Science, Espionage, and Cooperation: Russian-Western Nuclear Interaction

    The last part focused on the political problem faced by the US and the USSR in trying to reduce the numbers of nuclear weapons while at the same time ensuring that the... 

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  • Miscellaneous Jul 20, 2012

    Revolution, Global Science, Espionage, and Cooperation: A Brief History of Russian-Western Interacti

    A thorough treatment of this topic would, of course, take up a weighty tome. This multi-part article is intended to present a few key stages in the process by which we in the West got... 

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  • Miscellaneous Jun 28, 2012

    Spelling Reform in English

    Comments to a recent blog post noted that English is in dire need of spelling reform. There are many popular illustrations of why it is so badly needed, such as the argument that... 

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  • Interpretation Miscellaneous Jun 06, 2012

    One Spanish Speaker Said to the Other - I Have No Clue What You’re Saying

    I grew up in Miami where the population is nearly 70% Hispanic and there is at least one family living there who was at one time a citizen from every Latin American country in existence.

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  • Miscellaneous May 17, 2012

    Chunge Happens!

    No, that not a misprint. If you ask our 15-year-old grandson Jacob, chunge does happen in language all the time.

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