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  • Energy Oct 07, 2014

    How Will the Proposed EPA CO2 Rule Affect Nuclear Energy?

    RS Insights recently published the following analysis, which was written by Library of Congress energy policy specialist Mark Holt.

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  • Energy Jun 27, 2013

    Is the US-Russia Accord on Plutonium Disposition in Jeopardy?

    Two recently published articles in respected outlets highlight potential difficulties in continuing the 2000 accord between the United States and Russia regarding... 

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  • Energy Jun 27, 2013

    World Energy Council Sustainability Index Released

    The World Energy Council (WEC) recently released its latest Energy Sustainability Index, which compares nearly 100 of the world economies in terms of their national energy mix. This volume is a companion to the WEC policy study, entitled world Energy Trilemma 2012./p>

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  • Energy Mar 19, 2013

    Trips to Chernobyl

    Ie been to Chernobyl two or three times. It like Mecca for nuclear engineering translators and interpreters. This should be a sacred place of pilgrimage for everyone who works in the field.

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  • Energy Feb 26, 2013

    The Future of Nuclear Power: The Zero Option Is No Option At All

    The Fukushima tragedy has caused many nations to reconsider their commitment to nuclear energy. Germany has decided, at least preliminarily, to eliminate nuclear power from... 

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  • Energy Jul 12, 2012

    Rosatom Seeks To Certify Its VVER (PWR) Nuclear Plant Design in the US and UK

    A news item posted to the Nuclear Street website indicates that Rosatom, the Russian Federation agency in charge of all nuclear power production... 

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  • Energy Jun 19, 2012

    Wind Energy in Crimea

    I became interested in the development of wind power in Crimea for a number of reasons. I was born and raised in Feodosiya on the Eastern tip of the Crimean Peninsula, so I am...

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